Check out these simple ideas with great impact for your Restaurant Website

  • Clear Menu

    When building your restaurant website, you need to have in mind a simple yet effective way of presenting your restaurant. A clear menu is essential in your visitors to see what your restaurant website contains: the restaurant menu, a bit of info about your business a way of contact and a reservation / take away option.

  • Attractive Content Layout

    All websites should to have an attractive layout, otherwise users might leave too soon. A restaurant website needs to reach that next level in the layout of the content since you to leave your visitors pretty much mouth-watering.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Can’t stress enough of how important it is to have a responsive website. Statistics showi that in 2018, 52.5% of all worldwide traffic was generated through mobile phones. So if your restaurant website is not responsive yet, get it done as soon as possible as you are missing out on at least 50% of your potential business.

  • Advertise your menu

    Everyone wants to try new things like daily / weekly specials or chef’s recommendations in a restaurant. Make it visible for your visitors and attract more customers to your restaurant by advertising your menu, whether it’s a general menu or a daily one. With the restaurant package you get a bit of training on how to update your own menu on a daily basis straight from your phone.

  • Online reservations

    A good reservation system is beneficial both for your restaurant and your customers. Potential clients see it as a time-saving, no fuss feature. Nobody wants to come to your restaurant and risk not getting a table. So make it easy for everyone by taking reservations online, 24h, even when you are closed.

    For you, this is a great tool for management of both your restaurant and your restaurant website. Instead of constantly taking calls during restaurant hours, you’ll get more reservations coming through your website so your staff can focus on the food and the service rather than reservations and potential business.